About Me

Hi. I’m Aman. I live in San Francisco. I have more than 7 years of experience building products and engineering teams. I’m currently building brand new apps on Facebook’s NPE team.

Previously, I was a founding engineer on the WhatsApp Business API; the first backend engineer on Instagram Live; and a pre-IPO hire / tech-lead on Twitter Ads.

I’m also a licensed pilot. I love to read. Mostly non-fiction. I enjoy traveling, eating good food, and problem-solving.

How can I help?

I enjoy helping {aspiring, first time} founders.

  • I’m happy to help you think through technical questions like what technology stack to use for your needs.

  • At a slightly later stage, I’m happy to help you scale your engineering processes and systems.

  • I’m also happy to make introductions to people in interesting places who can offer their thoughts.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

About this blog

I expect my writings will be useful to aspiring founders (and first time founders) all over the world.

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Aman Jain

Radical Moderate • Builder @Facebook • Ex WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter • @GeorgiaTech Alum • Pilot • Love reading, traveling, and problem solving